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saturday night fever

Stromae - Alors, on danse (extract)

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woulouf said:

sorry for the biiiig delay, but I'm very busy these days!

Nov 28, 2012

Visitor said:

Don't know if I told you, but I showed your stuff to a friend of mine in Montreal. She's fluent in both french and english, and was interested to look at some of it in both languages.

Thanks for the page! I look forward to more!

And I've been lucky enough to have internet every day so far this month–so I've gotten to vote each day so far! WOOT lol

Hope things are going great for ya (:

Dec 4, 2012

Visitor (Lemming) said:

Hey! It didn't post my name! *glare at computer*

That's my post up there! *points*

Dec 4, 2012

woulouf said:

There should be a new page this week-end (hopefully)

Dec 15, 2012

Visitor (Lemming) said:

WOOOOO says I. ^^

Still no internet at home–but I try to come and vote when I have access!



Dec 18, 2012

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